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Roses Galore 23
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Roses Galore 23

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Product ID Mothers Day 23

Approximately None"W x None"H

What People Are Saying

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  May 15, 2023

verified review logo Verified Purchase   |   Roses Galore 23 picked up in store

Long-time customer here and products/delivery have always been spot-on and look great. However, my order for Mother's Day 2023 almost fell apart. I usually opt to have my orders delivered but I chose to pick it up and bring the flowers to my mom in-person this year. The online ordering process was easy, as usual. I put in my order the Friday evening before Mother's Day on Sunday. My parents' house isn't far from M's so I decided to choose Sunday as the pick-up day. A confirmation message said, "You'll receive an email when your order is ready for pick up ... before 5pm [on Sunday]." Sunday rolls around and I haven't yet received the so-called email for a pick-up time. I get a missed call from an unfamiliar number at 11:46am. I was at the gym so I didn't answer. No message was left. I Google the number an hour later and it turns out to be M's. I call back and a man tells me the shop closes at 2pm. At this time, I'm in Rancho Cucamonga and it was almost 1pm. I check the traffic and it's just shy of an hour away to M's. I still had no exact plans to pick up the flowers and go to my parents' house because I had been waiting for an email/message to tell me when my order was ready. In fact, I had just sat down to lunch with my girlfriend when I Googled the number from the missed call. The "pick-up time" email never came and now M's suddenly tells me that I have to pick up in an hour because they're closing at 2pm. I didn't like that. First of all, the original confirmation said "before 5pm", which lead me to believe I that at least had until 5pm on the pick-up day. Secondly, a 2pm closing time seems like very important info. Why didn't anyone leave me a message from that first missed call? It all seemed very unprofessional and I wasn't looking forward to driving unsafely from Rancho to Montebello in order to get there in time. So, I called M's again to see if there was a way to get my order changed to a delivery. My parents' house is in Montebello, too, so it seemed like a possibility. Fortunately, the guy at M's reluctantly says he can "wait for me until 3pm." It was an extra hour of time, which I appreciated, but I had also just ordered lunch at a sit-down restaurant with my girlfriend in Rancho. So now, we felt rushed to finish, to take care of the check, pack up leftovers, etc. With holiday traffic on a Sunday, I was able to make it to M's by about 2:40pm. The order looked great and the staff I spoke with were nice. In the end, things turned out fine and my mom loved the flowers. However, I am still annoyed that something as simple as an exact pick-up time was not communicated to me in a professional and timely manner. I was able to adjust that day but if my plans were more complex, I probably would have been screwed. They gave me little to no notice to come in. They should have given me a set window of time on the original confirmation message (instead of a flimsy "before 5pm") and whoever called me the morning of the pick-up definitely should have left a voicemail with details. What would have happened if I did not check the unknown number and call them back? I'll concede that a popular flower shop is definitely going to be busy on the morning of Mother's Day but I didn't appreciate how this was handled. I hope something similar didn't happen to anyone else. Leaving a 4-star rating mostly due to overall satisfaction over the years.

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  May 13, 2023

verified review logo Verified Purchase   |   Roses Galore 23 delivered to Pasadena, CA

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

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  April 09, 2024

verified review logo Verified Purchase   |   Stargazer Sympathies Cross™ delivered to Brea, CA

We ordered 3 funeral sprays from M's flowers and they were absolutely stunning. I've never seen roses that size before. We have used M's flowers since my wedding in 1988 and they never disappoint!

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