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Roses Galore 23
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Roses Galore 23

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Product ID Mothers Day 23

Approximately None"W x None"H

What People Are Saying

Default Avatar


  May 15, 2023

verified review logo Verified Purchase   |   Roses Galore 23 picked up in store

Long-time customer here and products/delivery have always been spot-on and look great. However, my order for Mother's Day 2023 almost fell apart. I usually opt to have my orders delivered but I chose to pick it up and bring the flowers to my mom in-person this year. The online ordering process was easy, as usual. I put in my order the Friday evening before Mother's Day on Sunday. My parents' house isn't far from M's so I decided to choose Sunday as the pick-up day. A confirmation message said, "You'll receive an email when your order is ready for pick up ... before 5pm [on Sunday]." Sunday rolls around and I haven't yet received the so-called email for a pick-up time. I get a missed call from an unfamiliar number at 11:46am. I was at the gym so I didn't answer. No message was left. I Google the number an hour later and it turns out to be M's. I call back and a man tells me the shop closes at 2pm. At this time, I'm in Rancho Cucamonga and it was almost 1pm. I check the traffic and it's just shy of an hour away to M's. I still had no exact plans to pick up the flowers and go to my parents' house because I had been waiting for an email/message to tell me when my order was ready. In fact, I had just sat down to lunch with my girlfriend when I Googled the number from the missed call. The "pick-up time" email never came and now M's suddenly tells me that I have to pick up in an hour because they're closing at 2pm. I didn't like that. First of all, the original confirmation said "before 5pm", which lead me to believe I that at least had until 5pm on the pick-up day. Secondly, a 2pm closing time seems like very important info. Why didn't anyone leave me a message from that first missed call? It all seemed very unprofessional and I wasn't looking forward to driving unsafely from Rancho to Montebello in order to get there in time. So, I called M's again to see if there was a way to get my order changed to a delivery. My parents' house is in Montebello, too, so it seemed like a possibility. Fortunately, the guy at M's reluctantly says he can "wait for me until 3pm." It was an extra hour of time, which I appreciated, but I had also just ordered lunch at a sit-down restaurant with my girlfriend in Rancho. So now, we felt rushed to finish, to take care of the check, pack up leftovers, etc. With holiday traffic on a Sunday, I was able to make it to M's by about 2:40pm. The order looked great and the staff I spoke with were nice. In the end, things turned out fine and my mom loved the flowers. However, I am still annoyed that something as simple as an exact pick-up time was not communicated to me in a professional and timely manner. I was able to adjust that day but if my plans were more complex, I probably would have been screwed. They gave me little to no notice to come in. They should have given me a set window of time on the original confirmation message (instead of a flimsy "before 5pm") and whoever called me the morning of the pick-up definitely should have left a voicemail with details. What would have happened if I did not check the unknown number and call them back? I'll concede that a popular flower shop is definitely going to be busy on the morning of Mother's Day but I didn't appreciate how this was handled. I hope something similar didn't happen to anyone else. Leaving a 4-star rating mostly due to overall satisfaction over the years.

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  May 13, 2023

verified review logo Verified Purchase   |   Roses Galore 23 delivered to Pasadena, CA

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Customer Testimonial

Haley williams

  November 23, 2023

The flowers were so beautiful and perfect. They delivered in a Very timely manner

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